Objectives and Policies

FEDPA objectives are:

  • Promote the organization and development of credit unions.
  • Stimulate interest in cooperation with partners in the credit union and other unions in the country.
  • Represent and defend the interests of the Federated Cooperatives and strive to maintain adequate legislation.
  • Member cooperatives provide contributors technical assistance and general advice they need.
  • Undertake programs of continuing education, which tend to improve the cooperatives affiliated contributors, associates, employees of the Federation of workers affiliated cooperatives contributors and youth in the principles, methods and characteristics of cooperative credit unions, and training of administrative and self-management.
  • Activities for the development, financing, insurance, guarantees, local hedge funds and any other similar activities.
  • Promote vertical and horizontal integration in the country to coordinate and monitor the cooperative movement is respected.
  • Contribute to increasing the Cooperative and Cooperative Development Act, to ensure the legal autonomy of the Cooperative Movement.
  • Encourage that you meet the Universal Principles of Cooperatives adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance, highlighting the commitment necessary Comunidadanlos Principios Universales del Cooperativismo, aprobados por la Alianza Cooperativa Internacional, resaltando el Compromiso con la Comunidad