FEDPA's strategies

To achieve its objectives, FEDPA develop, among others, the following activities

  •   Improve and unify the rules of administration, accounting, computer programs, audit and monitoring of credit cooperatives affiliated.
  •   Channel external resources in order to cope with the needs of member cooperatives contributors.
  •   Ensure that cooperatives affiliated contributors correctly apply their statute and respect the law, the rules and regulations of FEDPA.
  •   Develop outreach program to reflect the activities of the cooperatives affiliated contributors.
  •   Establish, business administrative mechanisms to provide the services required by the cooperative system and the community in general.
  •   Associate with other legal persons provided that they are lawful and convenient for its corporate purpose, as well as providing the state bodies, activities related to the submission of public services.
  •   Serve others Sample banking, credit operations and other business services developed in Article 70 of the Statute of FEDPA as long as these services do not give more favorable conditions provided to the affiliated contributors or impairment of the these services.
  •   Activities for the pooling of goods and services to better achieve its objectives such as supplies, financing, insurance, guarantees, establishment of hedge funds and other similar activities.
  •   Promote the Federation and affiliated cooperatives contributors technical assistance activities, research and promotion of savings and credit cooperatives.
  •   To promote among the member cooperatives contributors permanent audit service and use of systems, computer programs, mechanisms or instrumentation data records, consignment inventory and accounting entries to ensure the incorruptibility of its content for the control and determination of the cooperative contribution.
  •   Manage the transfer of the amount of the return filed by key, to any person, company or state official or private entity, which is required under the cooperative affiliated contributor.
  •   Establish and operate according to the laws, retirement funds, severance pay, pensions and special pensions, directly or through special entities
  •   Perform any other activity of his nature.