The November 18, 1961, with the support of the Catholic Church Panamanian thirteen (13) credit unions, founded the Federation of Credit Unions of Panama, RL (FEDPA), becoming the first second-degree cooperative association, being constituted by Deed No. 1307 of 27 December 1961 and executed before the Second Notary of the Notarial Circuit of Panama City, and registered in the Department of Cooperatives Public Record, Volume 1, page 254, Seat 69.

The Federation of Credit Unions of Panama, RL (FEDPA), is a cooperative association of second grade, FEDPA majority shareholder of the Group, which since 1961 has developed an important and effective work of union representation, integration and promotion of Panamanian financial cooperative system, known as "Financial System FEDPA "which stands out as a body of financial and technical assistance, to be supervised, regulated and supervised by the State through the Panamanian Autonomous Cooperative Institute (IPACOOP). FEDPA currently has over one hundred (100) member cooperatives which in turn have more than one hundred thirty thousand members, and operates under Act 17 of 1 May 1997 and its regulations, which regulate cooperative activity in the Republic of Panama.

FEDPA is registered in Volume 332 of the Registrar of Cooperatives of the Panamanian Autonomous Cooperative Institute (IPACOOP).